Healthcare systems in low-income, middle-income countries (LMIC) often lack of medical appropriate technologies necessary to the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of many curable disease.
It has been estimated that only the 13% of manufacturers of biomedical devices are located in LMIC.
High prices, inefficient local production and distribution, among other factors, are contributing to set back commercialization and availability of final products in low-resource settings.  This issue has been recently defined as the last mile translation.

The full rationale of the WikiBioMed project can be found published in  BMJ innovations:

Aufieri R, Picone S, Paolillo P. Collaborative development of open source-appropriate technologies: a way to reduce the global access gap? BMJ Innov 2015;1:37-38. http://innovations.bmj.com/content/1/2/37.full

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