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The devices shown on the following projects, except from elsewhere stated,  can actually be used only for study and development purposes.
Only approved medical devices may be placed in the market and used for medical purposes or research on humans or animals. The approval procedure must be performed under the regulation applicable in the target market (e.g. Medical Device Directive in the European Union, or under FDA approval-clearance procedures in the USA). Biomedical devices without FDA or other local approval or support cannot be used for medical or research uses on humans or animals. Therefore the use of any device  or reliance on any information provided by this website and the associated/linked resources is solely at your own risk. The WikiBioMed website’s authors can in no way be deemed liable for any damage through the use of the information or devices contained in the website or derived from the website or from other websites mentioned or linked. The WikiBioMed website and the associated resources do not provide any medical advice. If you think you may have a medical emergency, call your doctor or the emergency telephone number of your area immediately. By using the WikiBioMed website and the associated resources, you implicitly agree to the specified terms.

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Open Source multi-channel EEG/ECG/EMG EKG/EMG shield

Enabling the Future
NIH 3D Print Exchange
The Open Prosthetics Project
Open BioMedical Initiative (WIL: Wired Limb; FABLE:  Fingers Activated By Low-cost Electronics)

Neonatal Incubator (BOB – Baby On Board) by OpenBioMedical Initiative

Open Medical Devices
Medical Device Coordination Framework